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PAPA - White rose soy wax scented candle - 250 grams - 50 burning hours - Candle with text - Handmade - Choice of scent and type of candle glass

PAPA - White rose soy wax scented candle - 250 grams - 50 burning hours - Candle with text - Handmade - Choice of scent and type of candle glass

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Welcome to our exclusive collection of scented candles, where we bring together art and aromatherapy to create an unforgettable sensory experience. Be enchanted by our most beloved scented candle, the soy wax scented candle with a white rose topping. This candle is the embodiment of luxury and relaxation.

White roses often symbolize purity, innocence, friendship, respect and love. This candle adds a touch of luxury to any interior. It's not just a candle, it's a work of art that transforms your space.

The scent of vanilla is known for its calming and soothing properties. Our candle is infused with a lush vanilla scent that will enchant your senses and create a feeling of warmth and comfort. Leave the stress of the day behind you as you enjoy the soothing scent of vanilla.

The natural cinnamon scent is known for its calming properties and is often associated with relaxation and well-being. Light this beautiful candle, breathe deeply and let the stress of the day fade away as the warm, comforting cinnamon scent spreads. Whether winter, spring, summer or autumn, the cinnamon scent is timeless and versatile. It brings warmth and coziness in the cold months and a touch of comfort in the warmer times of the year. The cinnamon scent in this scented candle envelops your home with a wonderfully warming aroma that is reminiscent of cozy evenings by the fireplace.

Bring the enchantment of our Black Rose Soy Wax Scented Candle into your home and transform any space into an oasis of peace and beauty. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find serenity with this beautiful candle.

In addition to its visual beauty, this scented candle also contributes to environmentally friendly enjoyment. Made from high-quality soy wax, this candle burns cleaner and longer than traditional candles, making it a sustainable choice for you and the environment. Replace less often means less impact on our planet.

What makes this scented candle so special?

  1. Natural ingredients: Our scented candles are made from high-quality soy wax, which not only ensures a longer burning time, but is also an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paraffin candles.
  2. Stylish design: Our scented candles are not only a pleasure for your nose, but also for your eyes. They fit seamlessly into different interior styles and can even serve as a beautiful decorative element.

Contents: 250 grams

Burning hours: 50

Candle glass diameter: 8 cm (excl. protruding candle wax)

Candle glass height: 9 cm (excl. protruding candle wax)

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