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Waxmelt Vanilla bar - Vanilla scent - 50 grams (40 to 45 hours of scent dispersion) - Handmade - Made from sustainable soy wax - Fragrance chips - Melting candles - Hand made - Vanilla Waxmelts

Waxmelt Vanilla bar - Vanilla scent - 50 grams (40 to 45 hours of scent dispersion) - Handmade - Made from sustainable soy wax - Fragrance chips - Melting candles - Hand made - Vanilla Waxmelts

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Welcome to the aromatic world of vanilla scented soy wax melts, where we offer the perfect combination of fragrance and sustainability. Whether you're looking for an enchanting scent to freshen up your home, want to relax or enhance the ambiance, our vanilla-scented soy wax melts will awaken your senses and transform your home into an oasis of warmth and comfort.

Vanilla is known as an aphrodisiac and symbolizes love and romance. Our vanilla scented wax melts are perfect for creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere in your home, ideal for a romantic evening with your partner. The sweet, soothing scent of vanilla has been proven to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Light a wax melt burner, breathe deeply and let everyday worries fade away as the warm, comforting vanilla scent spreads. Vanilla is a timeless scent that is suitable for every season. It brings warmth and coziness in the cold months and a touch of comfort in the warmer times of the year. Our wax melts are a perfect choice all year round.


Vanilla-scented soy wax melts are not only a temptation for your nose, but also for the environment and your peace of mind. Choose a natural, long-lasting scent experience and transform your home into a warm, inviting place that you always want to return to. Order your vanilla scented soy wax melts today and give your home the sweet temptation it deserves. Be enchanted by the sweet aromas of vanilla-scented soy wax melts and create an atmosphere of comfort and romance in your home.

What makes our wax melts so special?

  • Natural ingredients: Our wax melts are made from 100% natural soy wax, which means you won't be releasing any harmful chemicals or synthetics into the air. This makes them safe not only for you and your family, but also for the environment.
  • Long-lasting fragrance experience: Our rich fragrances last a long time, allowing you to enjoy a continuous aromatic experience. Even after several burning hours, these wax melts retain their powerful scent.
  • Easy to use: Simply place a wax melt in a suitable burner and light a tealight. As the wax melts, a wonderful scent spreads through the room. No hassle with liquid oils or electrical appliances - just melt the wax and enjoy!


How do you use our soy wax melts?

  1. Break or cut off a piece of wax melts (if using a wax melt bar). We recommend using 1-2 piece(s) at a time. Each piece of wax melt gives off a scent for 8 to 10 hours. After this, the quality decreases and they will no longer spread as much scent.
  2. Place the piece on the burner, light a tea light under the burner and the piece will melt. Please note: only use 4-hour tea lights due to fire hazard.
  3. Blow out the candle when you're done, but make sure the wax melts have cooled completely before removing them.


TIP: To remove residue from your wax melt burner, you can turn on your wax melt burner and wait until the bottom of the old wax has melted a little. Now you can easily remove the old wax by pressing the wax out to the side of your burner (with a piece of kitchen paper, for example).

NOTE: White smoke may come from the wax melts. This is normal and has to do with the fact that our wax melts are filled with the maximum amount of fragrance oil. When the fragrance oil becomes warm, it will produce white smoke, which means that the fragrance oil is being released.

Weight: 50 grams (this may vary slightly as everything is cast by hand)

Number of hours of fragrance distribution: approximately 40-45 hours (8-10 hours per bar)

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